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8 Jimmy STPs, both painted and unpainted
4 Painted Jimmy STPs in a row
001 Painted Jimmy STP left side
002 Painted Jimmy STP Left side
003 Painted Jimmy STP Left side
004 Painted Jimmy STP Left side
All 4 Jimmy STPs in a row.
Close up of the darkest Jimmy STP.
three jimmy stps 001, 002, 003 uncut
8 Jimmy STPs painted for FTM Trans men.
A circle of 8 different Painted Jimmy STPs
Close up of head of penises
right side of lightest jimmy stp
Close up of darkest skin tone stp
Front shot of 8 Jimmy STPs painted
Right side of 003 Jimmy Stand to pee
Close up of right side of Jimmy stp.
Overhead shot of all 8 Jimmy STP
row of lightest jimmy stp


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The Painted Jimmy STP (stand to pee) is a lightweight, durable and easy to use STP/Packer made out of medical grade platinum cure silicone. Firm enough to stand to pee, but soft enough to pack in a downward position, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day

A row of four Jimmy STP Packers in all four skin tones.

We designed the Jimmy STP to be both realistic and functional. When using the Jimmy to pee, the hollow scrotum leaves room for black flow, and the no-spill lip and flexible outer ridge contours with your body to create an excellent seal, preventing leaks, and keeping urine off of you. This lip also keeps the inside funnel off you during other activities.

Image shows how new funnel design allows for more room to line up your urethra.

The Jimmy comes in your choice of 4 skin tones:

4 skin tones lightest to darkest 001, 002, 003, 004jimmy measurements

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Skin tone 001 of the Jimmy STP

Prosthetic Silicone Paint

Silicone paint is airbrushed on in multiple layers of different colors. Blue vein details, red, tan, and purple for skin tones. A final clear coat layer is added at the end with a soft matte finish. Blended all together, this creates very realistic look. This silicone paint is bonded with the surface to create one solid silicone piece!


How to use video

*NEW* Spec video - Size and details

Using the Jimmy to stand to pee, full video. (early version of Jimmy used, older video).

We recommend packing using tighter fitting briefs, which hold the Jimmy STP in place without the use of a harness.

To use the Jimmy in the washroom you can either slip it through the side opening in your underwear or pull your underwear waste band down and go over the waste band. We recommend pulling it over your waste band if you can, as this will be easiest.

(The Jock strap in the photo isn't needed, it's  just used to not expose too much for the photo)

showing how to use the stp over waste band

Check out our YouTube channel for reviews! (click on logo below):

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Review image of the Jimmy stp 4
The Jimmy is honestly a game changer. The only STP I've been able to use easily. And the fact that it comes in uncut is just stellar. Thank you for making such a great product.