Close up row of tip stp.
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
4 skin tones 001 002 003 004
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
Close up left side of jimmy stp uncut.
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
STP funnel straight on.
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
Close of up head of STP uncut.
The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer
Four Jimmy STP uncut in a row, lightest to darkest skin tone.
Close up of tips of packers all 8.
Close up of pee hole on Jimmy STP uncut.
Row of 8 packers, all skin tones.
The back of funnel of all the skin tones.
Beauty shot of new airbrushed Jimmy STP.
Right side of uncut packer.
Straight on grey photo.
Close up of all 8 packers in all colors.
Just the lightest colored STP packers.

The Jimmy STP UNCUT Packer

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COVID 19: We are a very small company, and owner Kyle will be continuing to make and ship all prosthetics and products as our media and design partner Aaron will be working remotely.  We are currently remaining open. As always all prosthetics are sanitized before being shipped. We wear gloves when working with all prosthetics, and extra precautions and hand washing will be used, making sure to keep ourselves safe. Canada Post is still open and we are shipping to all countries listed in our shopping cart. 

Stay safe everyone during these difficult times. We appreciate all your support and our hearts go out to everyone <3

The Jimmy STP (stand to pee) UNCUT is the New uncircumcised version of the Original Jimmy STP.

It is a lightweight, comfortable and easy to use STP/Packer that allows you to pack in a downward position.

It is made out of soft Medical Grade Silicone and is designed to be durable and flexible, but also soft enough so that it packs down to create a realistic sized bulge that is comfortable throughout the day.

When using the Jimmy to pee, the hollow scrotum leaves room for black flow, and our No-Spill Lip and Flexible Outer Ridge contours with your body to create and excellent seal, preventing leaks and keeps urine off of you.

The Jimmy STP a great solution for both packing and STP use.

✔ Discrete shipping with tracking number provided.

*NOTE: We are a small company, we make everything by hand, and sometimes we receive a large volume of orders all at once. All prosthetics are shipped out within 10 business days of receiving your order.

The Jimmy comes in your choice of 4 skin tones:

4 skin tones lightest to darkest 001, 002, 003, 004


Four skin tones, lightest to darkest 001, 002, 003, 004

Prosthetic Silicone Paint

Our Silicone Airbrushing Artist applies the Prosthetic Silicone Paint on multiple layers of different colors - blue vein details, red, tan, and purple for skin tones, and a final clear coat layer with a soft matte finish. Blended all together, this creates very realistic look.

This silicone paint is bonded with the surface to create one solid silicone piece. The silicone paint we use is also used for Medical Prosthetics world-wide by doctors and other medical professionals.


How to use video

*NEW* Spec video - Size and details

Using the Jimmy to stand to pee, full video. (early version of Jimmy used, older video).

RodeoH TRUHK STP breifs

We recommend packing using tighter fitting briefs, which hold the Jimmy STP in place without the use of a harness.

You can also use the RodeoH TRUHK STP Briefs available on our website.

To use the Jimmy in the washroom you can either slip it through the side opening in your underwear or pull your underwear waste band down and go over the waste band. We recommend pulling it over your waste band if you can, as this will be easiest.

showing how to use the jimmy over top waste band

customer Reviews and testimonials

Check out our YouTube channel for more reviews! (click on logo below):

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"Hello, I ordered the jimmy at the begining of the month. I have had a chance to use it and compare it to what I was using before and thought i would let you know how amazing it is. The past few weeks i have been using it daily. Nothing i have ever used can even compare to the jimmy. From the ease of use to the quality material. I have a fairly active job and what i was using before would constantly shift into unfomfortable positions so i had to continually adjust it. When i was done peeing with it no matter how much i tried to empty it there would always be a little urine left in the balls/cup part. So thank you for making a product i can wear and use without any problems or worries.

Testimonial A

"I know I will love it! I have the other one from last year, I use it every day and it's still in great condition. I never had any issues."

Testimonial B

I got my jimmy two days ago and I wanted to tell you guys how totally fantastic it is!!! It looks so super realistic I am still astonished, and on top of that it actually works!! The cup space is big enough to hold a good flow. My old STP had too small of a cup and I would feel the hot liquid swirling around my parts and then leaking out the back! Uncool!! The jimmy has no such problem at all, making it feel like I am peeing with a real dick. Also I love how soft it is. I know some folk think its too flimsy, but I think its perfect. I wanted something that looked realistic, was functional and also comfortable, and the Jimmy is all of that!! Its feaking awesome and i am beyond thrilled with it!!!

Testimonial C

"Hi guys,
First I just want to say that you product is outstanding. It's the only stp I've encountered before that actually works for me and I'm comfortable packing with. I actually bought my Jimmy stp on a whim, not actually expecting it to work but thinking "f*** it I've tried everything else!" even heavily worshipped STPs failed me because I'm thicker in the hip region.

I just wanted to start with that because I have gone through A LOT of packers and stps over the years and the jimmy is now my everyday go-to. I've even managed to use it at urinals in public, something I'd never thought I'd be able to do without bottom surgery.

The Jimmy checks all the boxes for me... except one. I'm sure you get emails about this all the time but when are you anticipating adding an uncircumcised model to your line of products?

I Like many transmen would not have been circumcised if I had been assigned male at birth. I understand that expanding your inventory is something far easier said than done, but I think it could be beneficial for your business and expanding to a more international audience.

I for one would gladly purchase a second jimmy stp if it appeared uncircumcised.

Thanks again for all the great work and dedication, I hope the rest of your week is lovely."

We listen to you, and the Uncut version is now available!

Testimonial D